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Nella Global Solutions – The Professional and Ethical Investigations Firm in Perth

NELLA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is an Investigations, Security, Surveillance and Training agency based in O’Connor, Perth, Western Australia.  We provide services to State and Local Government, the Public Sector and privately owned businesses and agencies.

We are the most cost effective administrative investigators in WA for the level of experience  that we hold.  We can ensure value for money.


Our staff are highly trained and formally qualified industry professionals who are bound by stringent confidentiality agreements to protect our clients and the services that we perform for them.   All staff are ex-public sector employees and all hold high level qualifications in provision of Investigation and Surveillance Services.  We are a provider of choice for the Department of Local Government and appear on the Whole of Public Sector Common Usage Agreement CUA 14610 .


Our services include:

  • Investigations both administrative and factual,
  • Staff grievances and workplace reviews,
  • Surveillance operations,
  • Mystery calls, agency visits and staff integrity testing,
  • Investigative and surveillance training.

Our Clients include:

  • State and Local Government,
  • Public Sector Agencies,
  • Private Sector and Resource Sector; and
  • Universities and TAFES.

We adhere to the Australian Government Investigative Standards as set down by WAPOL, CCC and other recognised public sector bodies.  We pride ourselves on our integrity, accountability and transparency in all service delivery areas.

Our staff are industry trained private investigators and governed by best practice methodologies and national guidelines such as AGIS as set by professional bodies like ASIAL of whom Nella Global is a Corporate Member. Additionally, all staff are appropriately licenced pursuant to the Security and Related Activities Act 2003 and covered by the relevant insurances to State Government standards.  Although our company is based in Perth, Western Australia, we can service both regional and interstate requests.

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Another Perth contractor has been fined thousands of dollars for unlawfully disclosing restricted information about a Corruption and Crime Commission investigation.

In the Perth Magistrates Court today, 51-year-old office partitioning contractor Graham Bernard Barber was fined a total of $17,500 after pleading guilty to four counts of disclosing restricted information relating to his appearance before the Commission in March last year.
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January 27th, 5:38 pm

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What is procedural fairness?
Procedural fairness is concerned with the procedures used by a decision-maker, rather than the actual outcome reached. It requires a fair and proper procedure be used when making a decision. A denial of procedural fairness is a breach and the outcome can be challenged.
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January 23rd, 6:32 am

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ARMADALE detectives are hunting a man who pretended to be a police officer after pulling a woman over and getting into her car. The incident occurred in Huntingdale late on Sunday night.

Police say the 35-year-old woman was driving along Southern River Road just before midnight when a white Holden Commodore with a blue flashing light pulled her over.

A man claiming to be a police officer approached the woman’s car and asked her to take part in a random breath test.
He then got into the woman’s vehicle and told her to drive towards another location.
The woman became suspicious and stopped the vehicle, and the man then fled on foot.
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January 13th, 2:28 pm

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WA Police are looking closely at Victoria's plan to offer $1 million rewards for all unsolved murders, with breakthroughs still needed in more than 40 WA homicide cases dating back 40 years.

Victims' families have thrown their support behind the idea, which they believe could generate much needed new information about the deaths of their loved ones and help bring their killers to justice.

The Victorian Government said last month it would offer $1 million and a full pardon to anyone with information that helped to solve an old case - as long as the person making the claim was not directly involved in the death.
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January 11th, 8:49 am

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