Local Government Investigations

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Local Government Investigations into Breaches of the Code of Conduct and Rules of Conduct

NGS has been engaged consistently by Local Government (LG) agencies to provide administrative investigation services into allegations and complaints against both Councillors and LG staff.  Complaints investigated by NGS range from minor complaints of breaches to serious allegations requiring notification to the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC).

NGS appears on the Department of Local Government (DLG) Provider of Choice panel as an approved provider.  Additionally, significant work has been undertaken by NGS directly for individual Shires, Cities and Towns.

For these agencies, NGS has provided (but is not limited to) the following investigative services with respect to breaches of the Code of Conduct and Rules of Conduct:

  • Non disclosure of gifts;
  • Non disclosure of financial interest;
  • Alleged destruction of Council documentation;
  • Alleged Abuse of Tender Process;
  • Alleged Breach of Confidentiality;
  • Alleged Breach of Media Policy;
  • Allegations of Sexual Harassment;
  • Allegations of Inappropriate Behaviour;
  • Bullying in the workplace; and
  • Organisational Reviews.

Additionally, NGS has also acted as Complaints Officer for local government agencies as per delegated authority from the Chief Executive Officer pursuant to the Local Government Act and Regulations with respect to internal ‘Complaints Policies’.

NGS has extensive experience in the Local Government arena and is comfortable navigating the unique landscape that is Local Government.